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Understanding fashion & beauty and ways to improve as a model

May 25, 2021


Fashion is the form of self-expression and self-celebration. It also implies the looks defined by the fashion industry as trending. The clothing, accessories, footwear, make-up, hairstyle, and body posture, all fall under fashion. The difference in cultures and countries lead to different fashion trends going around the world at the same time. The popularity and availability all factor in the growth and acceptance of fashion among all kinds of people. Along with your personality, you are evaluated by your fashion sense. The aesthetics of fashion heightens your beauty, charms, and personality and gives you a confidence boost to shine bright. 


Fashion is generally distinctive and industry-supported expression and is conventionally tied to the fashion seasons and collections. Fashion is a type of art that allows people to showcase their unique tastes and styling. An ever-changing, flowing phenomenon, fashion can be a part of someone’s identity.


We are indeed more used to see models wearing the clothes and accessories of famous brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc. But fashion is never limited to the stage and the photoshoots. It’s beyond that and can be incorporated by anybody and everybody. Your next-door girl can be a huge fashionista without ever once walking the ramp! You can impress anyone with your fashion sense and inspire others to do the same! Fashion is a huge term, allowing different people to be their own best selves.




Beauty and fashion go hand in hand to be a subject of aesthetics. Protecting and enhancing your inner and outer beauty are equally important these days. But if we get to talk about the outer beauty, the vastness and the exceptional differences that exist in this world is awe-worthy. As said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but it is always more than that. Beauty is not just a subjective aspect, it the overflow of love and confidence for oneself!


Nowadays we use various natural and chemical products to increase our natural beauty. Many of them do not win the test of time and can even cause damages to our beauty. Getting to know about the right products and having the correct knowledge of how to use them is very important. Our beauty routine can then be our saviour, confidence booster, self-worth enhancer, and much more!


Just like fashion, beauty tips and trends can work differently for people. So, it essential to find your go-to make-up and hairstyles to showcase your best self to the world. Following the trend is not always necessary. Instead following the correct skincare routines and knowing what best suits you is far more important. Beauty will always have different definitions for different people, so there no need to pressurize yourself to fit into someone else’s beauty standards!


Okay, enough with the understanding of fashion and beauty, let us now go through a few things that can help you if you want to pursue a career as a model in the fashion and lifestyle industry.



Ramp walk tips


Now, if you are planning to join the fashion and lifestyle industry, a ramp walk is going to be a huge part of your work. We are giving out some tips regarding ramp walks! Take a note right now!

  • Practice holding yourself up
  • Stand up as straight as you can while keeping your shoulders slightly back
  • You do not have to cross your legs while walking
  • Walk with long strides – try to place one foot in front of the other
  • Do not move your shoulders while walking
  • Keep your hands relaxed as you move your arms around
  • Practice walking in heels while balancing a book on your head to perfect your posture
  • Expressions during pageant walk and model walk are different- the subtle smile during your pageant ramp walk will help you connect with the panellist
  • Never get distracted and lose your confident and focused face 


How to present yourself on stage


Let go of your stage fear and ace your presence on your stage with these tips-

  • Put on a warm smile and try to connect with the audience or panellists
  • Give a short, catchy introduction of yourself
  • Radiate confidence through your walk and talk
  • Be aware of your surroundings and make them work in your favour
  • Try to be comfortable in what you are doing and do not show that you are not so
  • Do not be over-conscious of yourself
  • Try and interact in a calm and cool way. Never get overwhelmed.
How to add that touch in your voice to be a perfect model


Increase your chances of being a perfect model by training yourself to sound warmer, friendlier, well-modulated, painted, expressive, and controlled. Having good speech quality and diction is also important. And how to do these things? Here are some tips-


  • Understand your voice first to check for flaws and strengths. Check your speed, pitch, articulation, and volume.
  • Listen to good speakers and learn from them to do variations in your voice
  • Work your pitch- having a steady pitch gives the voice a soothing and persuasive tone.
  • Speak low and vary the volume depending on what you are saying.
  • Pause not just at the end, but at the right places throughout your speech.
  • Add passion to the way you speak to engage the listeners



Be it a fashion enthusiast or someone taking care of their beauty, the perspectives and notions are several and changing. If you wish to be a model, knowing fashion and beauty are not enough, you must understand it along with your own self. Practicing the ramp walk and your presence on stage will surely help you to get closer to your dreams. Your voice enhances your beauty and knowing how to use your voice will give another push to your career advancements. Learn, practice, and evaluate yourself, and most importantly remember to add fun to your work!