FTV Franchise Opportunity


FTV School of Performing Arts

FTV School of Performing Arts is a venture of Fashion TV, aimed at developing the best professionals for the fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment industry. FTV, is an international broadcasting channel which has the exposure that reaches globally. A renowned name in the fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment industry, FTV has the opportunities that could truly turn dreams into reality. FTV School of Performing Arts is a mission to take the talents of India to the global forefront. An institution focused on developing all the relevant skills for the launching and advancement of career, we are here to make the best out of the students. With FTV’s exposure, the students of FTV School of Performing Arts will be confident enough that their careers will launch in the best way possible.



FTV School of Performing Arts is offering courses:

  • FTV School of Photography
  • FTV School of Fashion Management (Luxury)
  • FTV School of Fashion Personality Development
  • FTV School of Cinema (Acting, Theatre and Drama)
  • FTV School of Event Management
  • FTV School of Advertisement & PR

We are offering all those courses that cater to the needs of various types of aspirants- whether you’re planning to start your career or advance it further, we will train you accordingly. We have Degree courses for both Bachelor’s and Master’s, Advanced Diploma and Diploma courses, Advanced Certificate and Certificate courses, Crash courses, and workshops as well.


About the training

Get hands-on training from the industry experts and immensely develop, polish & implement your skills. Get to incorporate that knowledge and guidance to be the best of personality. Work with the industry experts and get to know the insights of the industry, what goes behind the scene! FTV School of Performing Arts will also provide classes with celebrities to teach the aspirants what all is needed to be the ONE. You’ll be groomed and trained to start/push/escalate your career successfully! FTV School of Performing Arts believes in giving the aspirants high standard training- whether it’s a degree course or a short-term course. Our way of training, both practical and theoretical are designed with international standards and are highly career oriented.




FTV Franchise, with three categories for sponsorship, is offering its business partners an innovative and enriching experience. With training and internationally acclaimed degrees, FTV is developing successful professionals for the fashion and entertainment industry over past decade or so. Thus, the exposure and reach are immense for our partners. Strategic media campaigns and collaborations will help gain huge market coverage all over country. FTV Franchise will have the advantage of the over 400 million viewers all across the globe. Being the world’s largest fashion network, Fashion TV Franchise has various USPs, such as endorsing the brand from across the globe, promotional videos of Fashion TV Parties from across the globe and much more.


Why Franchise with FTV?

  • 23 years of existence in the fashion and lifestyle market.
  • 12 channels of 24 hours dedicated to fashion and lifestyle.
  • UHD 4K and 8K 24-hour channels.
  • 2 billion+ worldwide viewers.
  • Available on 250+ global cable satellites.
  • Presence in 193+ countries.
  • Reaching 500 million+ households.
  • Available on leading OTT platforms all over the world.
  • 100 plus hours of new fashion and lifestyle content every week.
FTV School of Performing Arts Franchise – an incredible prospect having amazing ROI that can take your business to newer heights!